The big dog cared the little baby and played with it as a little toy

The dog Brutus became a member of the family of Mikael two years ago.

He is the only tipe of a pet with it charecter he is very angry and selfish and it is not very easy to get on well with him.But the owner did not want to get appart with the pet and very soon it became a good thing in the family.The woman gave a birth to a .baby.

The dog notised anything strange but they did not understand it.Nine months the dog did not jumped near the woman but before it he slept with the woman.When the baby was orn they understood that the dog became the best nurse and friend for the little baby.

Every time whem the baby cried the dog run to her and made her calm with th toy the baby liked the most.Parents liked the friendship of a dog and a baby and they want the baby to love animals from an early age.
The dog was the only real friend and saver of the baby.