The cat was taken from the street and settled in a store, and after a few months, money began to appear at the door in the morning

Employees of one of the stores noticed a cat on the street and decided to take him for themselves.

The cat lived in the area. So they decided to put him right in the store, where he stayed alone at night.

The pet quickly got used to it. And after another six months, people began to find dollar bills under the door in the morning.

The first to notice the bill at the entrance from the inside was the store manager, Stuart McDaniel.

He decided that one of the clients had simply dropped them and did not attach any importance to the occasion.

However, a few days later, history repeated itself.

In the morning, there were again dollar bills at the door.

Then people began to suspect that the reason for the appearance of money was a cat, which the employees picked up on the street six months ago and decided to leave to live here.

He often liked to lie by the glass door after closing, so he could be seen from the outside.

The store employees decided to conduct an experiment and find out if their pet is really the reason for the appearance of money.

McDaniel decided to test the theory by closing the door and slipping a bill in while the cat lay in the sun nearby.

The sly one immediately noticed and with a deft movement in a split second dragged the bill inside.

So the theory was confirmed by experience, and Stewart decided to watch the cat. Now a camera has been installed at the door.

Suspicions were confirmed. One evening a man walked by who decided to play with a cat with the help of a dollar. Naturally, in a second he lost it.

In the following hours, other passers-by noticed the cat and the dollar on the floor and decided to play with him too.

After a few hours, the cat had quite a lot of money on the floor.

After seeing how their pet “earns” money at night, McDaniel decided that the proceeds should be put to good use.

He began to donate it to a charity fund to help the homeless population of the city on behalf of his shop cat.