The dog with the puppies was tied to the fence and left..

The dog was tied to the fence. The dog was about two years old, she had just become a mother and her six puppies were lying next to her at the fence, without any protection from the wind and rain, and also without food and water. Babies haven’t even had time to open their eyes yet.

The dog tried to protect and feed its babies, although it was prevented from doing so by a stretched chain, which hardly allowed the animal to simply lie on the ground. People in these places do not go often, so the fact that a person walked by and that he remained indifferent to the misfortune of animals can be called a real miracle.

The man called the police and the animal welfare service. Specialists took the dog and babies and took them to the clinic.No serious illnesses were found in mother and her babies, only slight hypothermia and hunger.

One of the shelter managers said: “Leaving an animal chained and without water, a person has definitely endangered both her life and the life of her puppies.I don’t understand how anyone could do something like this.

It has recently rained and the temperature has dropped significantly. We are lucky that a person noticed this seven. In time, otherwise the consequences could be much more serious.

Volunteers hope that in the near future they will be able to find a home for both the kids and their mother.