The owner abandoned a chihuahua with a disability

It is very sad and bitter to be abandoned and useless, not only to a person, but also to an animal.

But, unfortunately, this is a sad reality that concerns the fate of millions of pets. And this unfortunate Chihuahua is one such example.

Her owners simply abandoned her, and she had a disability. Narcissus was thrown into the street in a cardboard box as a baby. Many took a thoroughbred dog, but then again refused, as she was not healthy.

She does not have both front legs and this makes her survival even more difficult. Animal rights activists in San Francisco learned the story of Narcissus and, without hesitation, helped him.

They understood that this baby deserved love and saw not her illness, but a beautiful pure soul. Love and care worked wonders, Narcissus noticeably cheered up and became very friendly.

He became a very inquisitive and playful puppy. Employees of this organization gave the puppy wheels that were made to order especially for this puppy and now it is much easier for him.

The path of the crumbs to ordinary life was difficult, but this brave kid was able to overcome everything. Narcissus began to move on his wheels, which greatly facilitated his life and the little puppy went towards great adventures.