The service dog helped the sick girl walk again and was rewarded with the best gifts ever for everything he had done

This beautiful girl suffers from a rare disease called Morcio syndrome. This affects her balance and reduces mobility. She could only walk on crutches or in a wheelchair instead.

Once participating on the project ‘Service dog’, Bella saw a dog and it was love at first sight. The dog, named George, now helps her walk, which helps increase her mobility. The dog is always with the girl. He never leaves her.

They have a very special connection. When Bark Post heard about this dog, they awarded the dedicated dog the “Best Dog Day” award. It included George’s favorite things.
He was also served a huge tray full of burgers. He just adores it.

Then they move on to Epic Snow Day, which is George’s favorite pastime: He runs in the soft snow while Bella enjoys looking at her best friend having fun.

Then they went to the dog shop, and George got a whole bunch of delicious food. To make everything more perfect, they give him a huge bone.

But that is not all. Bella and George is going to stay in a luxury hotel room full of lots of dog toys. George is so happy and excited. dog eating hamburgers

Then he received gifts for this meritorious service. He gets a giant dog bed that was big enough for him, they give him his own beautiful sweater.

Bella is also so excited that her best friend is so happy, because she deserves it all and even more.

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