This dog was feared by everyone around, but he just needed help

This dog is called a werewolf. People were afraid to even get close to her. No one understood that this poor animal simply needed help and participation.

For several months, people have seen this dog in the state of California. He wandered along the roadside. Every day the condition of the dog worsened. He looked emaciated, tired and exhausted.

No one helped him, everyone was afraid to even approach the poor fellow.

The dog has lost almost all of his hair. His coat was only on his head. This made the appearance of the dog even more intimidating. He became completely wild and did not let people or animals near him. The inhabitants of the city began to show concern. They contacted animal control.

A girl named Megan Bow was assigned to help the dog.

“When I saw this dog with my own eyes, tears came to my eyes. It was clear that he did not have long to live. The dog was so weak that he could hardly move,” says Megan.

After examining the animal closer, the girl determined the breed of the dog. It turned out to be a German Shepherd. The condition of the dog was simply deplorable. It was clear that his days were numbered, but Megan and the doctors did their best to prolong the dog’s life.

The dog had scabies. In addition, he received a pelvic fracture. Also, the shepherd’s tail was broken in several places. The dog was named Kong. It turned out that his age is less than a year. He probably got outside as a puppy, as the owners discovered scabies.

The dog soon got better. He had surgery on his back. If Kong’s health condition remains stable, he will start looking for a host.

“I think Kong is happier now than he has ever been in his life. I can’t believe people are so indifferent. After all, no one even stopped to help the poor fellow, ”says Megan about her ward.