This is the cutest miniature horse that stays small and doesn’t grow

Horses are one of the most wonderful and kind creatures in the whole world. They have always been very unique and kind.

They are always generous and treat their owners with great devotion.

Despite their strength and size, horses tend to be very friendly with all kinds of people. They have a very big heart and are able to feel the presence of kind and loving people.

People need to know how to deal with them. But there are other little horses, which makes them more beautiful, cute and unique.

This horse breed is only 97 cm tall and appeared in Europe around the 1600s. These little creatures are simply amazing. They are so small and beautiful, as if they came out of a cartoon.

These horses are more beautiful than all other creatures. People cannot even ride this breed of horse, even if they are children, because they are very small and cannot support such a weight.

They need to be treated with great care and attention, like small children. They can be very good friends and pets.

But most of them are no different from other domestic animals, they are miniature horses and often either South African miniature horses or Falabella horses. They are different at the same time, but all are equally beautiful and sweet!

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