Those people don’t deserve this dog. 🥹

A family ti.ed their dog outside in the snow overnight, forcing a neighbor into action to rescue her.

A woman named Theresa, in the middle of the night, accidentally saw her neighbor’s dog shivering in the snow. She is in the yard. It was clear that she was going through a bitterly co.ld night and was in gr.ave da.nger. Theresa decided to act immediately to save the dog. She informed and enlisted the help of a group dedicated to rescuing a.ban.doned,, or dogs in Detroit, Michigan – Detroit Pit Crew Canine Rescue. And her request was immediately granted.

Theresa’s an.ger and the dog’s di.stress caused rescuers to appear almost immediately. This dog’s owners the law by [] their dog on a outdoors for more than three hours. Rescuers realized that the owner was probably trying to get rid of the dog in this and in.humane way.

The owner was present but did not agree to meet the rescue team and was re.sistant. Fortunately, neighbor Theresa convinced the owner to take the dog to the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue in.stead of tre.ating her with such cr.uelty.

What is surprising and in.fur.iating lies in the reason that the owner a.ban.doned the dog right in the snow. It turned out that their family just owned another dog, who was staying in the cozy house. They decided to keep the dog out in the yard because they no longer wanted her. Then they were cold and irritable and wanted to keep this dog.

In the end, the rescue team was able to take her to the vet right away because her paws were [sw.ol.len and fr.ostb.itten]. She needs to warm up first.

After the hardships she overcame, the rescue team gave her a new name that started a new life – Blizzard. Blizzard enjoys good health and happiness after being taken care of. She is very sweet and lovely. When Theresa hugged her and left her former owner’s house to save her, she was weak but licked Theresa’s hand as a thank you. Now Blizzard has fully recovered and is living a happy life.

So glad the Neighbor called the rescue team. Now the baby will be saved and go to a better home.Bless everyone who saved this dog.
Thank the person that rescued this poor baby!

God Bless you. Please keep the dog safe. 🙏🙏