To save a wounded kitten, the driver urgently stopped a passenger train

The possibility of losing a job in order to save an animal is too big a risk that not every person can decide. But such heroes still exist, one of them lives in Holland and works as a train driver on the railway.

All the media of the country told about this story, it also became known in social networks. It all happened 7 years ago, on that day the man was at work and was driving a passenger train. On the way, the driver noticed something on the rails, it seemed to him that an animal was lying in front of the train. The driver immediately applied the emergency brake.

Fortunately, the train stopped before the train hit the animal. Since the train had only recently left the station and its speed was low, such a stop did not carry any risk for passengers either.

The engineer saw a kitten on the rails. The animal was wounded and could not get out of the way of the train on its own. The driver took the kitten into the cab and at the first stop transferred it to the veterinary clinic. The doctor believes that another train hit the kitten while it was moving.

Because of the wound, the baby had to remove one leg and part of the tail. The kitten was very tenacious and quickly recovered. The kid was actively adapting to a new life and, according to the doctors, it will be full-fledged, without serious restrictions.