Very kind women for taking in the possum…! That is just TOO SWEET!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!❤❤❤❤

What a nice act of kindness 😍❤

No one needs to fear a possum. They will not hu.rt you, they do not ca.rry ra.bies. They need food and a little TLC too!

Possums aren’t usually the first thing you picture when you think of cute animals.
They’re generally seen as rodents best known for playing or being roadkill.

But possums have their charm, too, and sometimes they can win people over and make their way into their hearts… and their homes.

On Reddit: One man shared about how a wild possum became an unlikely housemate for his aunt.
He said: Hank lives in my aunt’s garage. He’s very old and has a hard time walking so she set up a warm place for him to rest and feeds him lots of treats.

While many people have tried to get possums out of their garage, this aunt has made it a welcome home for Hank. She has a big spacious garage and the possum has his own out-of-the-way space. Since it’s not attached to the house she can leave the door open so Hank can come and go as he pleases.

This relationship has been going on since Hank showed up a few years ago, and he seems pretty happy to have a place to stay and eat cat food. He’s not tame but also never hissed or seemed afraid, As he’s gotten older, he stayed around longer until he just decided he was going to take up residency in the garage.

Possums have short lifespans and Hank is already a few years old, but it’s nice that this possum gets to live a nice cozy life while he’s still here.

Thank you to this aunt for giving this old animal a nice place to stay! It’s a nice reminder that the not-typically-cute animals deserve some love, too! About time people understand animals have souls and feelings. Deserve love and kindness.

Very kind women for taking in the possum…! That is just TOO SWEET!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!❤❤❤❤