What a wonderful man. You have a heart of gold and you are this pup’s hero! 💛Man adopts Dog with tu.mor so he can live out the rest of his life knowing Unconditional Love…!

Beautiful young man with the biggest kind heart and compassion giving this precious dog so much love and care thank you for doing all you can to bring joy to this precious soul…! ❤️

Luciano Karosas, from Berazategui in Buenos Aires kn.owingly adopted a dog who only had a few weeks left to live, after the si.ck animal had already been re.je.cted by four other families.
Thanos the dog, had a [canc.erous tu.mor] growing on his head.

The sweet pup had sa.dly been gi.ven up by his family when taking care of him with his “illn.ess” became too much for them.
Thanos ended up back at an animal shelter, which is where he met Luciano!

When Luciano met Thanos, he was touched by his story and he immediately wanted to take him home and fill his last days with unconditial love.
He took him to the ve.t to see if they could ope.rate.

Luciano said: I took him to a stem [ce.ll ve.terinarian] to see what we could do, looking for a little more hope “which had given him 40 days to live” and told me that there is no tre.atment that extends that time.

Thank you for giving this precious baby love and comfort. ❤️😘

When Luciano could’nt do to save Thanos, Luciano vowed to make the most out of the time he had left with him.
He pampered Thanos and did everything he possibly could to make him comfortable and happy…!
Sa.dly, Thanos [pa.ssed aw.ay] earlier this year!

What a truly kindhearted man he is to take this poor sick pup in and show him the unconditional love that he should have had all along…! Even their short time together was an amazing gift to this dy.ing fur baby! 🐾❤️❤️

Thank you for giving this sweet baby a home and unconditional love ❤️ so he wouldn’t cross the 🌈 bridge in a shelter but surrounded by love. 🏡❤

God bless this amazing gentleman with such a tender heart and Beautiful pup 🐾❤️🙏🙏🙏

Re.st In Peace sweet baby…! Enjoy your Angel Wings. 🧚‍♀️🌈🙏

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