What an affectionate animal…! ❤️❤️ Lion climbed onto Bus full of people seeking cuddles!

All he wanted was some love ❤

Filya, a little lion who was craving some attention climbed on a bus full of tourists and requested cuddles.
So sc.ary though because you never know…! He just wanted to give love and feel love. So handsome 🦁🦁🦁

He showed no [agg.res.sion] at all as he approached the vehicle and so was let on board.
He then proceeded to lick several of the tourists while rubbing his face as a sign of affection. He just wanted to be loved. ❤️

How Precious is that! 🥰

All he wants is some gravy…and a little something to go along with it…(“m-m-m-m…people…”) 😁
Cuddles galore.It is obvious he has been around people maybe all his life and that’s why he wasn’t [agg.res.sive]. I however prefer animals to be wild and free in their natural habitat.

Beautiful stunning lion 🦁❤

Even housecats play with their food before they eat it…😍🥰

Watch the heart-melting moment here:

What a pleasant surprise!

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