Wife left her husband with the newborn daughter and he became the best dad in the world

Not so long ago, Richard was the head of a small family, in which, in addition to him, there was a wife and a newly born daughter.

And suddenly everything changed in an instant. After giving birth, the wife complained all the time. And then she left the house altogether, saying that she needed to be alone for some time.

Of course, Richard was shocked. Now he had to do something that he had never done before in his life – to take care of a tiny girl who, it seemed, could not lie still for a minute.

At first, the single father thought he was going crazy. Nothing worked out for him, everything fell out of his hands, he did not have time to do anything.

But then, looking at the child’s face, he began to understand that if he did not pull himself together, he would not be able to provide his daughter with either a happy childhood or a good future.

The man began to accustom himself to calmness, began to study special literature for parents, where, however, everything was more advice for mothers. But dad handled it.

However, when the girl began to grow up, the man had to learn completely different things. How to braid her hair, paint her nails, follow the girl’s fashion so that his girl looks no worse than her friends. Richard even watched special video tutorials before going to bed.

In general, dad wanted his daughter not to feel deprived without her mother. In fact, the woman has long-lived her own life and forgot to think about her husband and daughter.

And the daughter, who, by the way, is named Persephone, grew and grew. And gradually, dad and daughter became such friends that they were inseparable.

They are so happy that they don’t want anyone else in their little family. Dad calls his daughter “little princess”, and the daughter calls dad “my best dad in the world.”

Although when she was just a baby, she called her parent “dad-mom.”

Richard is very happy that he is coping with his parental responsibilities, and no longer remembers the hell he had to go through in the first weeks and even months after his wife left.

The main thing for him is when his beloved daughter smiles. And for the sake of this smile, he is ready to do anything.