Woman wakes up and spends her whole day saving stray dogs

Katlin lived in Saint Maarten, Caribbean, and was deeply concerned by the rising population of stray dogs on the island. So, the kind woman decided to find skinny dogs, a group of malnourished dogs, and help them.

Katlin contacted several vets, but none of them were able to help her. So, that was when she started to do things on her own. Every morning this lady would wake up with a plan to help a possible rescue.

She had now taken up her full-time job as a rescuer. First thing in the morning, she would head out. As soon as she was in her car, she would get calls requesting help. Katlin usually rescued a few puppies from a location.

Hence, she always found time to help the strays in other locations. After rescues, it was constantly feeding time. Throughout the day, she visited different areas and provided stray dogs.

A lot of dogs spent the entire day looking for food. So, they were usually underweight. This was mainly found with female dogs with puppies. She had to feed her puppies and herself.

After feeding the strays, Katlin tried to help out at the center. The center was the only place on the island that housed dogs and puppies. She loved socializing and got a lot of kisses and hugs.

The center had a lot of mixed emotions. When you reach the rescue center, you will have mixed feelings. You were not only happy because you got hugs and kisses from such happy faces, but also concerned about the problems of capacity the island faces.