You have most likely never seen a calf as unique as this okapi calf!

You have most likely never seen a calf as unique as this okapi calf!

The Oklahoma City Zoo announced the birth of a rare, end.ang.ered Okapi calf on Wednesday.
The okapi, also known as the forest giraffe, Congo giraffe, or zebra giraffe, is a type of Arodactyl mammal found only in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in northeastern Central Africa.

This rare and end.ang.ered okapi calf was born at the Oklahoma City Zoo. This is exciting and unexpected news!

The male calf was the first to be born to Kayin, 6, and Bosomi, 4, and the seventh okapi calf was born at the Zoo. Kayin, the most recent okapi born at OKC Zoo, was born in 2015.
The baby calf looks exactly like its mother with its cute innocent face and signature striped thighs!

Kayin, the mother of okapi, is a compassionate first-time mother, she barely takes her eyes off her newborn baby even for a moment. Her new calf is healthy and strong, and it is reaching major developmental milestones such as parenting and bonding with its mother.

The calf stood and nursed an hour after birth, according to caregivers. The calf’s health was examined by the zoo’s veterinary care team, who checked its overall body condition, stats, and weight, which had reached nearly 57 pounds at the time. The calf is plump and healthy!

Although there is considerable debate over whether these wild animals should be kept in [cap.tiv.ity]. However, it can be beneficial to rare and endangered animals such as okapi.

Take a look at this adorable baby calf! Good health, Little One!

Would be nice if he could be out in the wild with those of his kind!

H/t: The Oklahoma City Zoo

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